Heel Pain Relief and Orthotics for Heel Spurs

A heel spur is a pointed outgrowth of the calcaneus bone located at either the back of the heel or beneath the sole of the foot. Oftentimes, this pain at the back or bottom of the heel is brought on by inflammation of the Achilles tendon or another condition. If you’re suffering from heel pain, it’s likely you’re dealing with a pesky heel spur. Learn more about the symptoms and causes of heel spurs.

Common Symptoms of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs can be difficult to diagnose because only 50 percent of people feel pain and discomfort from them. In many cases, heel spurs are associated with pain and discomfort caused by Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. If you’re suffering from either of these conditions or have pain and swelling at your heel, a podiatrist can take x-rays of your feet to determine if you’re suffering from a heel spur.

Common Causes of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs develop over time as a result of long-term muscle strain and stress from long walks, running and jumping on hard surfaces. While heel spurs are directly related to Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, the following are other common causes of heel spurs:

  • Arthritis
  • Wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes for long periods of time
  • Wearing flip-flops on a regular basis
  • Bruising of the heel
  • Excessive body weight that puts strain on the feet

Heel Spurs Treatment Plan

When suffering from a heel spur caused by overuse and stress, management and relief start with rest, ice and avoiding the activity that triggers the pain. Since heel spurs are associated with other types of foot problems, the type of treatment depends on the primary condition you’re suffering from:

  • For plantar fasciitis, your treatment plan may include rest, over-the-counter medication and therapy targeted towards strengthening the arch of your foot.
  • For Achilles tendonitis and bursitis, your doctor may prescribe specific exercises and physical therapy to strengthen specific parts of your foot.

Orthotics for Heel Spurs

Orthotic solutions are also available to provide greater heel support and relieve heel spur pain:

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